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Vanesa Maza

Hi There! Here you’ll find feel good recipes. They are as healthy as apples, but as yummy as Friday night takeout.

– Vanesa Maza

I share my recipes because they helped me take control of my health issues and lack of energy–and because they are seriously tasty! That’s why I think more people should try them.

I was diagnosed as lactose and gluten intolerant and had to remove gluten and milk from my diet.

Once I did this, I started to feel more energized, and my stomach pain and bloating stopped after years. 

I’m also a passionate Spanish home cooking. I grew up enjoying family meals every day of my life, so trying to be gluten free was a challenge at the beginning. But then I realized there are so many gluten free meals I can make that the possibilities are endless, and the only limit was my creativity.

As I’ve been missing Spain during this pandemic, I’ve put together all my favourite Spanish recipes for special occasions in a recipe Book: “The Little Mediterranean Cookbook: How to Cook  Simple Mediterranean Dishes from Spain”.

  • Included in it is a variety of delicious main dishes
  • including meat, poultry, fish, sea food,
  • paellas, and rice dishes.
  • There are a few vegetarian and vegan options, too
  • I’ve also included tapas, side dishes, and salads in it.
  • whole foods, non-processed
  • dairy-free, and gluten-free options. 

They are Spanish meals I’ve enjoyed growing up in Spain

If you’d like to check out these recipes, you can find my book on Amazon at the link below.

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I hope you enjoy the recipes.