About Vanesa Maza

It all started with my economics teacher in High School.

My Economics teacher at high school was fascinating, she seemed to know everything about how businesses and the world worked — I found that incredibly inspiring. As a result, I wanted to be like her, so I started working for large International Trade companies in both Spain and the UK.

However, in my heart, I have always been a creator. I used to paint, dance and write all the time while I was growing up in Spain. I decided I was going to use my business background and creativity to do something that I am truly passionate about.

I became a Smartblogger Certified Content Marketer and my book is now ranked on the first page in Spain and the second page in the UK market. Blogging to promote my book has become a little “side-hustle” for me. 

I love doing research about health and wellness, personal finances and development.

I also work for Accenture, one of the best consulting firms in the UK.

Here I am with my favourite Chef — my dad. 

My dad is a great cook!

Cooking is a family thing, and has always been so ever since I was little. My dad would always cook for us and I suppose the habit has stuck.

While I was stuck inside during the pandemic in London, I spent a great deal of my free time cooking and writing. I cooked and wrote down my favourite Spanish recipes.

The culinary hobby then developed further into a goal to write and publish a cookbook. This ambition was achieved with my cookbook now selling on Amazon. It was an incredibly enjoyable and creative process, with me cooking and photographing all the dishes for the book, I especially enjoyed eating them afterwards! 

I finally published my cookbook in July 2021 and the feedback I have received has been overwhelmingly positive. 

This is Donny, my miniature dachshund.

P.S: I am an earth element type of person

I have also studied Shiatsu, a Japanese technique that works with the 5 elements. My earth element personality means I am nurturing, generous and kind.

I connect and sympathise easily with people, I love feeding my friends and family, hosting dinner parties and making sure everyone around me is living the best life they can. I feel deeply connected to nature. When I lived in Spain, I used to spend days out harvesting olives with my family in the countryside to produce our own olive oil.

I still maintain my passion for outdoor activities here in the UK by doing things like hiking, or hill-walking. I live in Epping Forest where I walk with my dog, Donny, everyday. We both love venturing into the woods and I get so excited when I see a deer.

My favourite animals are elephants, I love painting them and I have even adopted one! But, I love and feel a sense of connection with all animals in the wild.

As I’ve been missing Spain during this pandemic, I’ve put together all my favourite Spanish recipes for special occasions in a recipe Book: “The Little Mediterranean Cookbook: How to Cook  Simple Mediterranean Dishes from Spain”.

  • Included in it is a variety of delicious main dishes
  • including meat, poultry, fish, sea food,
  • paellas, and rice dishes.
  • There are a few vegetarian and vegan options, too
  • I’ve also included tapas, side dishes, and salads in it.
  • whole foods, non-processed
  • dairy-free, and gluten-free options. 

They are Spanish meals I’ve enjoyed growing up in Spain

If you’d like to check out these recipes, you can find my book on Amazon at the link below.

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I hope you enjoy the recipes.